Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Delay and US Presidential Nominees

The Utah Democratic Party has picked their US Presidential Nominee at the neighborhood caucus night in 2012.

I have for many years asked the Utah Republican State Central Committee as a member of that body to do the same.

Count My Vote demanded that we needed to deal with Fire Fighters and Doctors and Mom's with sick kids being able to vote at our GOP neighborhood caucus night. It took longer than they wanted us to but we did do that.

Now, SB54 passed less than one year ago demands we change the way delegates can vote at convention, or requires us to double the number of seats, with the backup delegate there just in case, and to have all 29 counties and state conventions in less than 2 weeks.[SB207 this year added some more time]

Not only that, but SB54 includes items Count My Vote didn't because of constitution questions.

The legislature has been for 5 or more years trying to fix the state school board voting and will likely do it this year. It took 4 or more sessions to fix the disorderly conduct gun bill.

Providing time for the court to find out "where is the line" and see if is even possible to deal with 2014 SB 54 at the county and state levels is smart.